Best British Schools In Ajman

Are you considering the best British education for your child in Ajman? Look no further, as we unveil the top 10 best British schools in this vibrant city. With a diverse range of educational institutions offering top-notch academic programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and a nurturing environment, choosing the right school for your child can be an exciting yet daunting task. From prestigious international curriculums to modern teaching methodologies, these institutions stand out as beacons of excellence in providing a truly British educational experience.

Bright Future Private School

Address : Al Jerf 2 – Ajman
Contact Number : +971556229782
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.5 | 19
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: ruksar khan: Wonderful school. Keen on developing a students personality along with academic insite. My son is very excited to go to school everyday and this tells how fun it is at the school. The teachers are native and wel trained. They keep a keen eye on the student and deal with every students progress individually. The students learn at their own pace. I RECOMMEND this school.
2: Waad Almiqdad: I have two kids in this school. The teachers are well qualified and cooperative. They are willing to listen to parents and provide them with everything needed for their kids’progress. They do highlight Arabic and Islamic side. Clean, new brand and modern facilities. There is no perfect place nor person in this life as we are humans but the pros are more than the cons in this school. Highly recommend
3: Wajeeha Sheikh: My child is studying in this school and I can see his learning progress. Highly advanced technology in classrooms. Staff is so professional and capable. I highly recommend this school.

Woodlem Park School Hamidiya

Address : 9GMG+RX – Al Muntazi 1 – Ajman
Contact Number : +97167422999
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.6 | 57
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Thamar Mon: Great campus, amazing facility. Looking forwards
2: Mariyam Hithayath meeran: Awesome school experience! Caring and well organized and It’s been a great experience for my daughter from day one. Special thanks to Ms. Nasiha who made us feel secure and comfort about our daughter. – Mariyam mother of Reham in KG2 C section.
3: Muna Rafi: Hi being d parent of a kid studying in kg2C I’m extremely thankful to their class Teacher Miss Nasiha for being in good rapport and my kid loves her and all her teaching techniques.. May d enthusiasm keep goin.. God bless 😊 …

Habitat School, Al Jurf

Address : 9FXM+X7C – Behind Ajman City Center – Al Jerf 2 – Ajman
Contact Number : +97167315151
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.5 | 1357
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: lijo joseph: As a teacher at Habitat School, I am blessed to be surrounded by the sheer splendor of nature’s embrace. Each day, I find myself engulfed by the unbridled beauty of our campus, a place where love, hope, and peace reign supreme. With every passing moment, I am reminded of life’s preciousness, and I am grateful for the countless lessons that nature so generously teaches me. Indeed, there is no greater joy than living and investing each day in this wondrous, life-affirming environment.
2: MEHDHI ASSIZ: Nice school as a grade 12 student there are a lot of things for us. One of them is the Industrial visit we had for grade 11 and 12 commerce students. We went to a company got to know so many things about how a business is maintained and such things. I thank Habitat school and the Commerce dapartment for giving us a such wonderful oppurtunity.
3: sana hussain: Great school, my daughter had a great year in kg 1 – F with her awesome class teacher Mrs.Andeela Ishqtiaz and assistance teacher Mrs .Shamna , they truly took good care of my daughter and brough her out of her shell as she was a very sensitive and shy child and now she has opened up a lot and even academically she has done very well due to the constant support of her beautiful teachers ! We thank everyone in the school for the amazing journey ❤️
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Avalon Heights World Private School

Address : Al – Hamidiya 1
Contact Number : +97167423222
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.4 | 26
Website : NA
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: kamal sajeevan: Dear All, My name is Kamal A.S and I work as Recruitment Officer for Avalon Heights World Private School. Its been more than a year working for Avalon Heights World Private School and the experience is fantastic. My responsibility includes to recruit the good teachers for the school. I love recruiting teachers who can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and in still a love of learning. I go the extra mile to make sure that my bespoke approach fits exactly recruiting Teachers & Educators globally. I am from India and holds Master in Business Administration Degree and PG Diploma in Human Resources. I have worked in various multinational companies and industries in India and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am looking forward to recruit teachers who are passionate and loves challenges. !
2: Shimona Bhansali: Avalon heights world school , Ajman is one of the most empathic schools with caring and extremely friendly staff . They truly believe in overall child development and have a very well planned curriculum to take care of the balanced development of each child . I love the positive environment here . Keep it up 💕 …
3: Shubhika Sharma: Great school with equal focus on academics and other activities . teachers able to give attention to children’s needs. It has brought much needed quality British/Cambridge education to Ajman 👍🏻 …

City American School

Address : 9G73+MGR – Unnamed Road – Al Tallah 2 – Ajman
Contact Number : +97167052000
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.4 | 121
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Meme Bahri: The management and faculty are more than wonderful. They are making great efforts. They offer certificates of appreciation to students to encourage and appreciate their academic work. The school building is beautiful inside and out and psychologically comfortable for the students. My daughter is glad to be one of the students of this school, Thanks CAS
2: Zubaida Kareem: This year has been our first experience in CAS. I am very pleased with Ms Shkiba. She is an Excellent teacher, she has been very engaging with the students as well as the parents to bring about the positive change that we see in our daughter. Ms Shkiba brings with her a High standard of learning and communication and we feel lucky to have our daughter in her class.
3: Baivy romany: The education level is very good .that’s because of the support and help from miss shikiba .i can see the happiness in my daughter eyes when she go to school. Im very satisfied about the results.

East Point Indian International School.

Address : Al Hamidiya Rd,Al Hamidiya 1,Near Police Station – Ajman
Contact Number : +97167474899
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.4 | 209
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Aman 121: I been studying this school for 9 years in my words I like the school well educated teachers ,less bully but some of the teachers are like beating the student like crazy for some silly resons, plus the transport manager is so rude and act like he owns the place,over all its ok school in my option.(for reminders most of the reviews are from teachers)
2: ADX_FOOTBALLER GK_1: I have been studied 8 years in this school and this is the one and only school that I loved in everything sports,education and co curricular activities And now I miss this school 😔 I love East Point 💞
3: Karim Sabira: This is one of the best school in Ajman. They provides excellent learning opportunity for the students both in academic and extra curricular activites. The fee structure is also affordable. The school is provided with dedicated and creative teachers, who are always care for the students to achieve great success.
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That Al Netaqain Girls Schools

Address : 9FXP+4MP – Al Jerf 2 – Ajman
Contact Number : NA
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.3 | 7
Website : NA
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Nasir Mohammed: Best
2: R3B_X N: Best
3: nana yoyo: Good

International Indian School

Address : International Indian School (IIS) Ajman – Shaikh Rashid Bin Abdul Aziz Aaemi St – near Ajman City Centre – Al Jerf 2 – Ajman
Contact Number : +97167408333
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.3 | 796
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Sharfia ツ: I have worked at the International Indian School, Ajman for the past 11 wonderful years. The school has given me the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with the rest. International Indian school is doing excellent in all fields and especially well in giving a lot of exposure to children,The curriculum and teaching methods are different from other schools and also very well implemented in bringing about good outcomes. The school has a very dedicated working faculty, staff who work hard in providing prime and top notch education to the learners. I feel very obliged and grateful to be a part of this team. I work everyday with the hope to contribute to the growing success of the school and to be able to provide a bright future for the students. Regards Shakila begum
2: Syeda Fatima Azad: its been 12 years since i studied here and had a great experience from this school. The teachers are supportive and helps us in our difficult , not only the teachers but the students to i made a lot of friends and had a lot of memory. The school has given a lot of activity to show my talents. It would be great if they have much more co-curricular activities even in higher classes.
3: Dr. Aneesa Hassan: When I was looking for admission for my son, I short listed few schools out of which I selected IIS for a few good reasons which I could gather from other experienced people. Most importantly the teaching faculty, they have good experienced teachers which makes it easy for parents. Moreover, activities are designed in a way that nourishes children in a detailed manner from basic habits to academic development. My experience with the school turned out quite positive, a very professional teaching faculty is worth an applause. The school is quite budget friendly and does not impose unnecessary charges. The management can focus a bit more on the infrastructure development of the school compared to other schools of the Habitat group.
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Address : Al Hamidiya 2 – Ajman
Contact Number : +97167423222
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.3 | 78
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Noha Elsadawy: I would give a 5 stars rating if more attention was given to inclusion and alternative teaching techniques that speak to special needs kids, my daughter being one. I was really blessed with Ms Vicky for my preKG son and Ms Fehmeeda for my KG daughter. Ms Vicky is bubbly, vivacious and ever so welcoming and positive in her outlook, always seeing the best in my little 4 yr old terror 😁. He enjoyed school to the maximum and learnt a ton! Thanks Ms Vicky and Ms Devika. As for Ms Fehmeeda she went out of her way to help my daughter keep up with her peers and experience the joy of graduation. Ever so kind, pleasant and cheerful with the children, she really set the bar too high for my daughter’s next year homeroom teacher 😊 The school keeps the kids engaged and involves them along with the parents in living an ‘immersive’ educational experience, no pun intended 😁 l highly recommend it.
2: Michael Bassey: I’m looking forward to having my kids admitted into your school. I’ve heard that Crown Private School is the best leading school in Ajiman
3: Maryem Mohammed: Excellent teaching staff , I would like to specially appreciate Ms. Vicky and Ms. Devika to nurture my daughter’s learning experience . School environment is extremely welcoming and the events they organize really shows that it’s not just academic they want to excel in , but also increase the confidence level in my children .

The Royal Academy Private School

Address : Near Muncipality – Al Hamidiya 1 – Ajman
Contact Number : +97167494449
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.1 | 376
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Sumalatha Venugopal: It was a wonderful kindergarten graduation eve, well organised by principal ,teachers & the entire crew of the Royal academy school . We has a parents felt so happy to see all our kids given opportunity on the stage. I really appreciate the efforts of all kindergarten teachers they all are best in their part ❤
2: Muhammad Ali: This school is very awesome, child friendly, and has a very high value of standard for their academic proficiency. All of the faculty and staff’s are truly exceptional, experts in their respective fields and are bound for their commitments to serve with a heart and put into action what the school’s mission and vision is. I was impressed by the school teacher’s performance through my daughter, Almira Diestro who has gained a lot of knowledge within the short period of time. Their programs and techniques of teaching to the learning students are superb and fantastic! I highly recommend and encourage every parents here in UAE to send your ward in The Royal Academy…
3: neethu r: I can’t thank you enough for the amazing kindergarten experience Ms Gopika given to our kids. Her dedication and care have helped them grow in so many ways. We’re truly touched by the opportunity she gave them to perform on stage during graduation. It boosted their confidence and made them and us parents feel proud. Ms Gopika always hold a special place in our hearts. 💖

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