Best Football Academy In Dubai

Best Football Academy In Dubai

Dubai has become a hotbed for football talent, and with its state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch coaching staff, it’s no wonder that the city is home to some of the best football academies in the world. If you’re a young aspiring footballer looking to hone your skills and make it big in the world of professional football, then Dubai is definitely the place to be. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the top 10 best football academies in Dubai, where passion meets precision and dreams transform into reality.

Star football academy

Address : Umm Suqeim St – Al Barsha – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact Number : +971506337857
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 5.0 | 23
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Hossam Eldine: A great and Professional academy , excellent coaches , thanks to Deivisson for his effort
2: Asha Amani: Best Football Academy in Dubai.
3: TABITHA MUMBI: Best football academy with friendly and good coaches

RSA Elite football academy

Address : 6898+2JG – Al Jaddaf – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact Number : +971585942764
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 5.0 | 7
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Mohamed Abbas: Academically, one of the best football academies in the ME. They don’t train for the money but for the passion for football. Add to this the warm family spirit they have developed between them and all the parents during the last few years. They train, they listen, they develop. Go RSA Elite go!!
2: Olutade Gboyega: Look no further, if you are looking for a genuine Football Academy for your Child in Dubai. Your kid will not only develop in the game, but also learn essential core values. Great set of kids & wonderful team of Coaches!👍
3: Dejavu optique: Very professional and experienced coaches! Definitely the best soccer academy in town 👍🏻 …

Eagles Sports Academy

Address : Umm Suqeim – Suqeim 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact Number : +971556546779
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 5.0 | 10
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Shatha Alolimy: The best football academy! Great hopes, good training, very kind coaches. Kids been treated in a special way! 100% recommended.
2: Violet Ndungu: Amazing coaches. I highly recommend the academy. My kids went with zero experience and they are gradually picking up the skills and they always look forward to the training sessions. Keep it up!
3: Koki Zrnic: My 2 kids, 4 and 7 years old really enjoyed sessions taylored for their age. Coaches are young, patient and tireless. I would recommend this academy to anyone!
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Yoshi Football Academy (Dubai)

Address : MSB Primary School – Secondary – Al Nahda – Al Nahda 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact Number : +971525171104
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 5.0 | 30
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Venkat K: I recently visited Yoshi Football Academy and was thoroughly impressed with the quality of coaching and training offered. The coaches are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and the training sessions were amazing. What’s more, the pricing is very affordable, making it accessible to anyone who wants to improve their football skills. The coaches at Yoshi Football Academy are also very friendly and approachable, creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all players. The timings of the training sessions are convenient, making it easy to fit into a busy schedule, and the ground is always kept neat and maintained, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. Overall, I highly recommend Yoshi Football Academy to anyone who is looking for high-quality football training at an affordable price. It’s a great place to learn and improve your skills, and the coaches and facilities are top-notch.
2: Aliasger Boxwala: Used to be a football player for this club…Sadly I moved to Canada and never got the chance to spend more time with this club. If you are looking for an amazing club that doesn’t care about winning all the time but making you better through patience and hardwork then this is the club for you I LOVE YOSHI❤️❤️❤️ Aliasger.B
3: CHANDRU URUBILU: It is the best academy and very affordable fees, is very friendly coaches and is the best place to take football training in DUBAI.

El Talento Football Academy – Dubai

Address : 49FW+9PP North Plaza – Dubai Silicon Oasis – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact Number : +971543698100
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 5.0 | 4
Website : NA
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Zakaria Kn98: A close and good place for your Silicon residents to teach their children football⚽️
2: Aaditk: Best
3: Ilies mekki: Best

The Football Academy (TFA)

Address : District 9 – Orchid St – Jumeirah Village – Jumeirah Village Triangle – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact Number : +971508008109
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.8 | 63
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Anand Nair: Such a great community first of all is TFA and ofcourse a wonderful football academy. The coaches and their administrators who manage the academy are an embodiment of the most organized team and support to the kid’s in their lives and the growth they go through on and off the field. Thank you for all your efforts in making this academy a success.
2: Dragan Zeljkovic: TFA (The Football Academy) is a shining star in the world of youth football development. As a parent, I couldn’t be happier with the experience my children have had at TFA. The coaches are not only highly skilled and knowledgeable but also incredibly passionate about nurturing young talent. They create a positive and supportive environment where kids can thrive and grow both as athletes and individuals. The facilities are great, providing a safe and well-equipped space for training. TFA’s commitment to holistic development, focusing on both technical skills and character-building, sets them apart. I wholeheartedly recommend TFA to any young footballer seeking a fantastic learning journey.
3: Tima Houshaimi: A great experience with coach Samir, the vibe and the energy was great. My son had a great time celebrating his birthday with the football . Highly recommend them
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Alliance Football Club | Player Development Center

Address : GEMS Wellington Academy – E44 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact Number : +971507450311
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.7 | 173
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Odut Mohammad: I so many videos of the club I love did but I am if I gonna will take one hour to reach there but the places good I will join for sure and my name is Esam MuhammadEsam
2: Durga Chhetri: I herd of this place it’s good and have a good coach there too I was hoping to join
3: Alsaf Allu: the best. everything becomes the best under coach Mehran. he’s one of the best in the world, with a positive outlook on everything. A real role model

AJAX Academy Dubai

Address : Sheikh zayed Road – Barsha Heights – The One Tower – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact Number : +971503307239
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.6 | 9
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Leechance Ngassa: From the very first time that Ajax Academy had launched in Dubai. We were very thrilled tobe part of the team and after attending their information session at DIA EH, we became hung up by their unique philosophy of their Academy. Ajax Academy is definitely a place to be for any upcoming footballer like my son, Ange Leon. Give it a try and you will see immediate progress in your child.
2: marwan al blooshi: The best academy in terms of skills development and the coaches are one of the best in the country I highly recommend it if you are looking for professional pathway Staff are friendly and always open for discussion always looking for feedback for improvement Price a bit high compared to others but quality make it worth The only thing i will complain about is the location as this the worst place in terms of traffic in Dubai
3: Ameer Shaalan: They have really professional and well experienced coaches at AJAX, which makes them one of the premier academy in Dubai. Just after the first term, I can see a great deal of improvement in my son’s football skills.
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GT Football Academy

Address : Malaeb sports and event – Al shabab ali sports complex (Malaeb – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact Number : +971527509230
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.5 | 15
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: EdunhoX Media (BIG ME): GT Academy is a place to be…if you really want your child to develop as a player in both technique and tactics…take him to GT academy. Their coaching staffs are licensed and well-trained with track records of developing leading children in terms of football and humanity.
2: Kingsley Ukusare: Gt football academy.a true home for future stars.i cannot imagine kids learning from the best.from management to coaching crew.they know their story.
3: Eloho Umeh: Gt football academy is kids friendly academy with very experienced Coaches and highly professional staffs we are a great there and highly recommended is for parents

Talented Football Academy (T.F.A) Al Barsha branch

Address : 35XQ+PVJ – Al Barsha – Al Barsha 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact Number : +971504681515
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.5 | 8
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Mohamed Ahmed: One of the best football Academy in Dubai very helpful and professional coaches and best what you get for your money They have programs that you should adapt to. I came late last year and he helped me this year to catch up. Respect and appreciation is always there
2: Zeyad Elgendy: Professional football coaches and one of best football academies in UAE
3: rasha mehany: Perfect football academy , amazing training Honest and professional coaches .. I am so happy to have my son football training with them ..

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