Best Indian Schools In Fujairah

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of the United Arab Emirates, Fujairah stands as a beacon of educational excellence with its diverse array of Indian schools. As parents seek to provide their children with a high-quality education that seamlessly blends academic rigor and holistic development, the quest for the best Indian school becomes paramount. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the top 10 Indian schools in Fujairah, delving into their unique educational philosophies, innovative teaching methodologies, and extracurricular offerings that set them apart from the rest. Whether you’re a parent navigating through the myriad options or an educator curious about the educational landscape in this vibrant emirate, join us as we unravel the tapestry of learning institutions that exemplify excellence in every facet of schooling.

Indian School Fujairah

Address : 48XX+MVH – Al Faseel Rd(E99) – Al Faseel – Fujairah
Contact Number : +97192223441
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.0 | 56
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Anish Antony: Affordable school in Fujairah, cbse syllabus till grade 7 after that kerala syllabus facilities are normal
2: Mukesh Kumar: Very much helping and good support I received at bls fujairah . special thanks to Ms sabreen
3: Fujairah vlogs: My kids r studying here. Good experience
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St Mary’s Catholic High School – Fujairah

Address : سكمكم – Al Sharyah-1 – Fujairah
Contact Number : +97192282828
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 3.8 | 79
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Muhammad Zain: My experience at St. Mary Catholic High School has been exceptional. The teachers genuinely invest in my children’s education and growth as learners. Adjustments are made as needed to meet the needs of the student. Small class sizes and leveled learning have enabled my children to gain confidence in their learning abilities. The administration is open-minded and thinks outside the box to make St. Mary Catholic High School a successful educational experience for the students. St. Mary Catholic High School is committed to the whole child. They teach value lessons, communication, and leadership skills.
2: Bayan Ahmad: This school has brilliantly taught me important life lessons and subjects. For example: tolerance, acceptance, benevolence and respect. I am now studying in university and ever since KG this school has outstandingly taught me what I fundamentally need to become a a successful individual (which is respect and responsibility and much more). It has excellent teachers and excellent students. This school also never fails to maintain order and obedience.
3: Ramesh Mummidivarapu: Our grand children are studying here. Very recently joined.
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GEMS Winchester Private School fujairah

Address : الفجيرة – الشرية – سكمكم – Skamkam – Fujairah
Contact Number : +97192014000
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 3.8 | 52
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Ph. Tarek Diaaeldin Shahin: A real improvement in school’s management and my kids performance .. well done
2: Miusam Mohamed: The best school in Fujairah for the British Curriculum (National Curriculum for England for children from KG 1 to Grade 12). Great facilities for students to achieve the best international education in UAE.
3: Tyson Byul Kim: Outstanding platform for all backgrounds and needs. Filtered through most if not all of schools in Fujairah for my 8 year old autistic boy. They are ADHD friendly with ample support staff who really care. Can’t say enough about how accommodating from front office Miss Josna , Miss Nikki and ultimately Miss Lincy and Miss Maggie who teaches and support my 8 year old. The level of progress from quick adaptations and patience required for special child was more than called for. My praise to the leaders of this organization for creating an impeccable group to provide the best education for the people of the future.
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St. Mary’s School , CBSE

Address : Post Box: 1665 – Al Sharqi St – Fujairah
Contact Number : +97192282828
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 3.3 | 11
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
2: Idiculla Mathew: I used to study here.. miss this school a lot… If anyone knows me… I’m Ankit.

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